What banks offer as debt relief versus what Debt Breakers can offer during

South African banks have made various services available to assist consumers during this extremely financial challenging time, but are these services really the long-term solution to financially stressed consumers? We made comparisons to what banks offer and what Debt Breakers offer. Our solution immediately releases cashflow with guaranteed reduced interest rates (sometimes as low as 0% interest).


  • No current or previous defaults or judgements
  • Accounts must be in good standing
  • Only available to existing clients
  • R6500.00 monthly income or less
  • Based on individual merits
  • Added interest on deferred payments
  • Only 2-3 months debt repayment assistance

Debt Breakers

  • Assist clients with defaults and arrears
  • Poorly managed accounts included
  • We reduce all repayments across all banks
  • We assist all income groups
  • Based on guidelines set out by the NCR
  • We reduce total outstanding interest payable
  • Reduced monthly debt repayments of up to 60%


with banks, we negotiate on your behalf and enforce the rules and guidelines of the NCR.

Banks are

Debt Breakers

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The information on bank offerings related to COVID-19 is based on information compiled by Eye Witness News which can be found here